One of the integral parts of any transportation is packaging. Proper packaging not only ensures the safety of goods but also provides instructions for proper treatment. The Company “Intermovex” provides professional packaging services of household goods and commercial cargoes.

Our materials:

  • Cardboard boxes of any size and ply
  • Special boxes for air transport
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Waterproof stretch film
  • Tape
  • Pallets
  • Wooden boxes
  • Plastic and metal angles and connectors
  • Flat cardboard for bulky items
  • Soft fillers for oversized, bulky fragile items

Our qualified team has an extensive experience in local, foreign and office relocations, we know how to pack properly various goods, ranging from large-size machines and equipment to fragile art objects. We are aware of the value of your property and ready to provide you with a proper packing material, on the basis of your individual requirements.

Do you want to do packing yourself? No problem! We Will give you boxes, all the necessary materials and tape.

You will have 5 types of boxes for packaging at your disposal:

  • Book box – 47 х 34 х 34 cm.
  • Clothes box – 87 х 50 х 30 cm.
  • Dish box – 45 х 45 х 77 cm.
  • Box closet – 52 х 57 х 135 cm.
  • Air transport box – 94 x 67 x 63 cm.

Deadweight of boxes range from 40 to 60 kg. However for security and convenient work reasons we recommend loading the boxes of no more than 30 kg.